The Fur’s A-Flyin’

His Royal Highness, Prince Shadow-Bug

His Royal Highness, Prince Shadow-Bug

Hi, my name is Shadow and I’m not sure how old I am; I have to remember to ask Mom, or I’ll have to ask my sister Moony (because she’s the resident “Know-It-All”–just ask her, she’ll tell you). Mom told me the other day that other Kittehs are helping to write stories on the innertubes and asked if I wanted to tell stories too. Of course I would, I told her, but I’m not really sure I know what to talk about. Mom suggested with telling a little bit about myself and the other Kittehs we live with and maybe Rashia, our Husky; we love Rashia, she’s just like a doggy-mom to Moony and me. I live with my sister in Auntie Ravenn’s room. We used to have Max the Ginger, living with us, but he got really sick and almost died. I miss him a lot, but when he came home, he didn’t smell right and Moony beat him up. I just couldn’t have that on my conscience, so I implored Mom to let him move into her bedroom with they Brat-Cats. Actually, only one of them is a brat and that’s Frisky. She’s mean like Moony. Her litter mate Mittens is as sweet as she is lovely.

When I got sick and had to stay in Mom’s room for a while, Mittens brought me toys to play with and kept me company. Max did too. But quite frankly, I just didn’t feel like playing. And Max didn’t stink anymore, but he didn’t want to come back and keep me company, because of Moony being mean to him. I really can’t say as I blame him. I’m used to it I guess.

I was looking out the window the other day and saw that a bird lit on the cherry tree branch right outside the sill. It’s feathers were almost the same color as my favorite toy. I wanted to play with it so badly and I started chirping to get the bird to come over, but Moony came over instead and scared the bird away. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy. Mom said that while I might have thought playing with the bird would have been a lot of fun, the bird wouldn’t have seen it that way. So she tossed my feather toy in the air…and of course, I had to go fetch it and bring it back to her, just so she’d throw it again and again. I have Mom trained very well with that game…And yes, of course I used positive reinforcement. Took me a while to find something that she liked though, She didn’t like the kibble nor the dead mouse I brought to her, while she was appreciative, I guess it upsets her tummy. So I purr a lot and give her lots of love–she seems to like that. Plus she likes when I smile. She says I’m the most handsomest Prince ShadowBug in the world when I smile. And then, of course, Moony always has to come over and mess everything up. Last time, she stole my feather and dropped it behind love seat. Neither Mom or I was happy.

Blah Blah Blah...Moony and Me

Blah Blah Blah…Moony and Me

Actually, Moony doesn’t talk much. I’m the conversationalist in the family. I’ll talk to anybody and happily. Moony says that I’m a chatty cat and that I’m too noisy and make Mom’s ears bleed. She just sneaks up and tackles you, no hello, how are you; I think it’s just plain rude! Usually when I’m up to it, I’ll manage to get in a good swat or two. But even when I’ve had enough, she’ll make me stay there while she washes my face like she’s Mom or something. She drives me crazy, but honestly, I don’t think I could stand to be around anyone else. Except Max…he’s my Big Broddah.

Sometimes, when I look out the window, I watch the other cats playing outside, chasing the leaves when they fall or playing with a mouse and wish that I could go outside and play too. But Mom says that both Moony and I were an outside cats when we were kittens and we didn’t like it much. Some people took us away from our Kitty-Mom and put all eight of us in a box to take us to a shelter…don’t know what a shelter is, but when Mom found out about us, she drove 56 miles one way to come and get us, so I don’t imagine that it’s a very nice place.  Mom told Moony and me that Ebony Princes and Princesses usually don’t fare well at shelters because people think we’re unlucky or evil. Ok, Moony’s eviil, but I’m not!  She found homes for all my other broddahs and sisters, but I wanted to stay with her and Moony did too, so we did. I’m very glad we decided to stay with her; we’ve had lots of adventures and Mom takes very good care of all of us. Mom spends a lot of time away though; she says she has to work hard to keep us all in kibble and kitty litter. I guess she really loves us!

We’re very well traveled Kittehs and have lived all over the US. We haven’t left this place for a while, so I guess we’ll be here for a long time yet. I saw Rashia not too long ago and she told me that she got hurt and had stayed in Mom’s room for a while. I was very worried about her because she’s very scared of Max. Max used to chase her around when she was little puppy, but she said that Max was very nice to her and wasn’t mean to her at all.

Oh, and Rashia told me that Max has a girlfriend…dunno why he needs one of those for, they’re just a lot of trouble. Her name is  (let me make sure I get this right, or Moony will never let me live it down), Lucky Bandit Baby Cat Boo Face Purr Head. Oh my tender vittles, that was difficult to spit out! I wonder why he failed to mention her to me? Moony said it’s because he didn’t want to be bothered with us anymore. I think it might be because I hissed at him when we were in the doggy training room to get our mani and pedicures. I swear I didn’t know it was him! He got all fat and stuff. Moony says that I have too.  Hmph. What does she know? She’s no slender kitten either. I figure I’ll work off some of this fat during the winter catching the mice for Mom (who says that we’re helping Dad out, not sure how THAT works, but if Mom said it, I’m not going to question it). Auntie Ravenn doesn’t seem to mind that I bring mice to her…she seems rather happy about it…just as long as I don’t “bite they tiny heads or nibble on they tiny feet…” Mom used to sing that song to Moony and me when we were kittens. I love that song!

And MoonyAnd is case you’re wondering what she looks like, this is Moony. She really is a very pretty cat, even if she is my sister. But please don’t tell her I said that! I will NEVER hear the end of it!

Oh and Moony says we’re eleven years oldish…is that oldish? I don’t feel oldish…Now Max, he is OLDISH!

Well, I hope I didn’t talk your ears off and make them bleed. I have to go watch the birdies from the window now that Moony has left my spot and decided to nap on the pillow instead.

Please let my Mom know if you liked my story…maybe I’ll get to tell some more! I really liked telling you about all of us!



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