Hello and Wel Met

I had set this here thingy up about a week ago and I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell to write about. There are things I am passionate about, such as the fact that my husband is dealing with a debilitating case of lyme disease for the second time in a decade.  Or my animals. Or my sister. Or the “family” business. Or my business. And then, there is my “job”. Such an icky word, “job”. J.O.B. Meh. Helps to keep the lights on as well as the heat to warm my toes…plus there’s the health insurance, which unfortunately, is necessary at this point in time. That’s about all I care about anymore. Shame of it too. I used to love the job. Now I’m burned out. I am currently in the last week of FMLA leave from the job. Hasn’t been fun and games. Nor has it been restful (for me anyway); It’s been work…24/7×4. And worry. And stress. But it’s a different kind of work, worry, and stress. It’s been because I wanted to be here. I needed to be here. I’m a woman of small stature and while my husband is wiry (always was), it’s not easy to pick him up when he falls. But I’m fast and I’m strong and somehow, I managed (most of the time). I cannot even begin to imagine what his life would have been life had I *not* been here to care for him…I shudder to think.

We asked his doctor for heavy-duty medications to kill this parasite that continues to thrive in his body. And with my husband’s permission, I resolved to pull out all the stops and reach into my little cauldron and actually do the “witchy thing” for him…plus anything else I could think of: I called on the Angels, the Ancestors, I asked friends and family to pray and send reiki. We utilized various vibrational therapies like sound (he had to sit and listen to RUSH at a better than “decent” volume, poor baby), color and chakra therapies and I even got to use my “pretty rocks”…that’s what my husband calls them. Plus lots of Unconditional love. And coffee. And cookies…LOTS of cookies…

And the sacrifice has paid off, I’m happy to say. Four weeks ago, my husband was in a wheel chair, barely able to sit up on his own for a few minutes at a time. Today, he’s not only upright on his own, but he’s getting out of bed on his own, descending the stairs on his own and hell, he’s even getting his own coffee. A far cry from, “Hon, can you get…(insert object here) for me please?” And he’s a LOT happier. Which makes ME a LOT happier. But I couldn’t have been able to get through this without help. My Sister…His Mother…Our friends and families…thank you, thank you, a thousand times, THANK YOU.

Lyme disease is very real. Just ask anyone who’s suffered from it. Ask a family member of someone who has it. If you’ll pardon the pun, like the tic that carries it, it sucks. And not in a good way. It sucks EVERYTHING: Your money, Your time. Your strength. Your will. But we’re a stubborn pair, my husband and I; two sides of the same coin…A Twin Flame, if you will; neither of us is any good without the other. And dammit, we’ve refused to let a tiny little blood-sucker ruin our lives.

And yes, I *am* sleeping a little better now…would be better if my shoulder would heal quicker though. I have things to do…


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