Cat-atonic state of being

We’ve an excellent group of mousers this year.

So it’s well after 1:30 AM and I’ve finally arrived home from work; I’m tired and my shoulder aches and I can’t wait until I can get some warmth on it to ease the pain. So what happens? I have to try and park my car in the dark of near-pitch-blackness of the country–we do have a yard lamp post, but that’s really the only light source and NOT run over a bunch of little cats eyeballing prey…One of the July 4th grays–actually, one of Oliver’s protegees caught something and was making a meal of it, refusing to move. If you’ve never witnessed this event first hand, it’s like a group of crocs milling about, snapping and hissing at who’s gonna get the leftovers…and trust me, there’s never any left overs. Herding cats ain’t fun on a good day…but in the dark, it down-right SUCKS.

But I eventually get my car parked in it’s spot, I call out a hello to Gimpy, who was nearby and then head toward the door to my house, eagerly awaiting the warmth of a heating pad on my shoulder and a cup of sleepy-time tea. And then, I hear it: Tiny. Helpless. Mewling. I felt my shoulders fall and my head hang down. I sighed and cussed out loud: Dammit. I must be a friggin’ crazy cat ladyYou know the type…the ones everyone pokes fun at…

I think I spent about a good three-quarters of an hour by flashlight trying to figure out where to hold up two tiny itty-bitties (kittens–about 4 weeks old, I’m guessing), so that they’d stay warm. Ms Jane (the Mamma) is nowhere to be found –probably in our basement (cats can come and go at will  via “cat doors”); but I’m guessing again though. She won’t bring them in–can’t say as I blame her though, she’s lost at least 6 kittens this spring (two to dogs, and four abandoned fosters (that I found a little too late a few days after). The smaller one was already shivering, so I placed them both at the communal feeding area to eat and when they were done, I put them both in a barn stall where the Jane once them nested;  but apparently they weren’t having anything to do with that and they jetted right under my feet and out the stall door before I could even get close enough to shut it. Our horses, by the way, prefer to stay outside, so don’t worry about anyone getting trampled whilst in the barn.

I realized that Oliver (he’s such an awesome boy!) was actually sticking pretty close by–not sure if it was because I was making such a fuss over them, or what, but he stuck around and was checking them out, but then got distracted by one of the other teenagers finding a hidy-hole between the stalls and went to investigate. Older sister, Boo Kitty has baby sat them before, but didn’t seem interested in helping out tonight. Smokey, one of the other Queens was nearby and kept going up to them, chirping and sniffing, then getting irate because they’re not hers. She’s usually pretty good about fostering, but not these two.

I don’t DARE bring them in and place them in a soft, kitten-blankie-lined vari-kennel…my husband would kill me (ok yeah, he has to catch me first, but he can certainly vocalize his disdain–even at a distance–and that cuts me to the bone),…My track record with releasing “orphans” is less than stellar–it’s why I have six indoor cats instead of just three. And I don’t dare go outside to check on them because if they’re nearby, they’ll haul their little kitty-butts over in my direction…and it’s because I’ve had to “save” them before. I just have to trust that our colony is actually going to come together and bring these two littles into the fold, like I’ve seen them do with countless others…like they did with Oliver, Gimpy, Wally and Boo Kitty. These cats are SMART and they understand that there is safety in numbers: I am praying that Oliver will forgo his usual solitary sleep-state and watch over them.

It’s going to be a long, LONG night.

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The Fur’s A-Flyin’

His Royal Highness, Prince Shadow-Bug

His Royal Highness, Prince Shadow-Bug

Hi, my name is Shadow and I’m not sure how old I am; I have to remember to ask Mom, or I’ll have to ask my sister Moony (because she’s the resident “Know-It-All”–just ask her, she’ll tell you). Mom told me the other day that other Kittehs are helping to write stories on the innertubes and asked if I wanted to tell stories too. Of course I would, I told her, but I’m not really sure I know what to talk about. Mom suggested with telling a little bit about myself and the other Kittehs we live with and maybe Rashia, our Husky; we love Rashia, she’s just like a doggy-mom to Moony and me. I live with my sister in Auntie Ravenn’s room. We used to have Max the Ginger, living with us, but he got really sick and almost died. I miss him a lot, but when he came home, he didn’t smell right and Moony beat him up. I just couldn’t have that on my conscience, so I implored Mom to let him move into her bedroom with they Brat-Cats. Actually, only one of them is a brat and that’s Frisky. She’s mean like Moony. Her litter mate Mittens is as sweet as she is lovely.

When I got sick and had to stay in Mom’s room for a while, Mittens brought me toys to play with and kept me company. Max did too. But quite frankly, I just didn’t feel like playing. And Max didn’t stink anymore, but he didn’t want to come back and keep me company, because of Moony being mean to him. I really can’t say as I blame him. I’m used to it I guess.

I was looking out the window the other day and saw that a bird lit on the cherry tree branch right outside the sill. It’s feathers were almost the same color as my favorite toy. I wanted to play with it so badly and I started chirping to get the bird to come over, but Moony came over instead and scared the bird away. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy. Mom said that while I might have thought playing with the bird would have been a lot of fun, the bird wouldn’t have seen it that way. So she tossed my feather toy in the air…and of course, I had to go fetch it and bring it back to her, just so she’d throw it again and again. I have Mom trained very well with that game…And yes, of course I used positive reinforcement. Took me a while to find something that she liked though, She didn’t like the kibble nor the dead mouse I brought to her, while she was appreciative, I guess it upsets her tummy. So I purr a lot and give her lots of love–she seems to like that. Plus she likes when I smile. She says I’m the most handsomest Prince ShadowBug in the world when I smile. And then, of course, Moony always has to come over and mess everything up. Last time, she stole my feather and dropped it behind love seat. Neither Mom or I was happy.

Blah Blah Blah...Moony and Me

Blah Blah Blah…Moony and Me

Actually, Moony doesn’t talk much. I’m the conversationalist in the family. I’ll talk to anybody and happily. Moony says that I’m a chatty cat and that I’m too noisy and make Mom’s ears bleed. She just sneaks up and tackles you, no hello, how are you; I think it’s just plain rude! Usually when I’m up to it, I’ll manage to get in a good swat or two. But even when I’ve had enough, she’ll make me stay there while she washes my face like she’s Mom or something. She drives me crazy, but honestly, I don’t think I could stand to be around anyone else. Except Max…he’s my Big Broddah.

Sometimes, when I look out the window, I watch the other cats playing outside, chasing the leaves when they fall or playing with a mouse and wish that I could go outside and play too. But Mom says that both Moony and I were an outside cats when we were kittens and we didn’t like it much. Some people took us away from our Kitty-Mom and put all eight of us in a box to take us to a shelter…don’t know what a shelter is, but when Mom found out about us, she drove 56 miles one way to come and get us, so I don’t imagine that it’s a very nice place.  Mom told Moony and me that Ebony Princes and Princesses usually don’t fare well at shelters because people think we’re unlucky or evil. Ok, Moony’s eviil, but I’m not!  She found homes for all my other broddahs and sisters, but I wanted to stay with her and Moony did too, so we did. I’m very glad we decided to stay with her; we’ve had lots of adventures and Mom takes very good care of all of us. Mom spends a lot of time away though; she says she has to work hard to keep us all in kibble and kitty litter. I guess she really loves us!

We’re very well traveled Kittehs and have lived all over the US. We haven’t left this place for a while, so I guess we’ll be here for a long time yet. I saw Rashia not too long ago and she told me that she got hurt and had stayed in Mom’s room for a while. I was very worried about her because she’s very scared of Max. Max used to chase her around when she was little puppy, but she said that Max was very nice to her and wasn’t mean to her at all.

Oh, and Rashia told me that Max has a girlfriend…dunno why he needs one of those for, they’re just a lot of trouble. Her name is  (let me make sure I get this right, or Moony will never let me live it down), Lucky Bandit Baby Cat Boo Face Purr Head. Oh my tender vittles, that was difficult to spit out! I wonder why he failed to mention her to me? Moony said it’s because he didn’t want to be bothered with us anymore. I think it might be because I hissed at him when we were in the doggy training room to get our mani and pedicures. I swear I didn’t know it was him! He got all fat and stuff. Moony says that I have too.  Hmph. What does she know? She’s no slender kitten either. I figure I’ll work off some of this fat during the winter catching the mice for Mom (who says that we’re helping Dad out, not sure how THAT works, but if Mom said it, I’m not going to question it). Auntie Ravenn doesn’t seem to mind that I bring mice to her…she seems rather happy about it…just as long as I don’t “bite they tiny heads or nibble on they tiny feet…” Mom used to sing that song to Moony and me when we were kittens. I love that song!

And MoonyAnd is case you’re wondering what she looks like, this is Moony. She really is a very pretty cat, even if she is my sister. But please don’t tell her I said that! I will NEVER hear the end of it!

Oh and Moony says we’re eleven years oldish…is that oldish? I don’t feel oldish…Now Max, he is OLDISH!

Well, I hope I didn’t talk your ears off and make them bleed. I have to go watch the birdies from the window now that Moony has left my spot and decided to nap on the pillow instead.

Please let my Mom know if you liked my story…maybe I’ll get to tell some more! I really liked telling you about all of us!


Sound Therapy – What is it and how does it work? (from a musician’s POV)

Have you ever noticed that any given song makes you FEEL? It may make you happy, or sad, or angry, or even a little ill? Music also has the power to heal.

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been a percussionist.  I also sing. I started with piano when I was about three,The piano is a percussion instrument; not many people know that…it’s often thought of as “stringed” instrument by many. However, what makes it percussion is because of the hammers inside…when a key is pressed, a series of levers goes into action inside the piano, causing the felt hammer to strike a string (each string has it’s own dedicated hammer). It’s that’s simple. When the hammers strike the strings, the strings vibrate and resonates in our ears, We feel the vibration and hear the musical note.

Drums and bells (which includes chimes) are similar. When the skin of the drum is struck (whether it be a baton, stick, tipper or hands/fingers) the skin vibrates and resonates, creating the sounds/tones/notes we hear. Various pitches (or notes) are created when the skin is tightened, or loosened. Also the kind of the wood (or other material) has everything to do with the tonal quality of the note that is heard. Woods create a warm, rich sound. Conversely, drums manufactured of man-made materials usually have a thinner, colder sound…but you CAN get a warm rich sound depending on the skin. This is one of the premises behind the healing effects of a “Drum Circle.” Most percussionists are Empaths, whether they know it or not is another matter. We are also healers, and we can move energy by raising and lowering vibratory energies.


Yeah, that’s me and some of my drums at a festival

The human voice works the same; the deeper the tone, the deeper they resonate on the energy centers of the body (the chakras). The power of the “full breath” has a lot to do with pitch, tone, duration, and yes, power of the voice. Where does the sound come from though? It’s origins are in the lungs and diaphragm, which pushes air through the vocal cords. The cords tighten or loosen, creating the pitch.This is why some vocalists can break a crystal glass with their voice. Singers train long and hard to learn how to create the correct pitches without hearing them first…things that can affect the tone, are the nose and the throat…nasally vocalists drive me mad…I think the noise that exits their mouths (and noses) sounds horrific at best. My own voice has deepened with age (I can hit the alto notes now, but I’m still a soprano) and sometimes I can’t find the higher notes, unless I practice…it used to be second nature to me. I still sing everyday, but I don’t have to reach the ridiculously high pitches anymore, so I don’t bother, That’s mostly because I sing in the car and it’s tough to sit up straight and take in full breath, much less exhale with precise control…my control with regard to volume sucks anymore too, sadly…I sing very softly  now (although I can still sing over the radio!), and thankfully, my own voice has never become “breathy”.

Stringed instruments vibrate too, just like the strings of a piano. With the advent of amplification, the notes can reach even farther, faster. When I was in my 20s I played electric bass, mostly because, we didn’t need a drummer and I didn’t have the finances to (or the space) to own a drum kit…and no one had hand drums back then (this was prior to the mid-80s when percussionists started coming out of the woodwork). Hand drums were hard to find and expensive as hell. As a result of standing too close for too long to the monitors, amplifiers and drums, I have a 40% hearing loss in my left ear and about 20% in my right ear…so I am a staunch supporter of auditory protection!


Me and my “Monster”

There are seven major chakras in the human body. I’ve noticed that the deeper the tone, the more of an effect it has on the “lower” chakras, irregardless of the actual note. Conversely, the higher the note, the higher the chakra. But I want to focus on vibration, which is actually a different species with regard to healing with music/sound. Each note of the scale has it’s own vibration which activates and resonates within a particular chakra.

Below is but a very basic sampling of information on the seven major chakras and their associations:

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

Beauty, Creativity and Inspiration


Sound: Note “B”
Color: Violet
Meridian: Central and Governing
Location: Cerebral cortex
Physical Components: Right brain hemisphere, central nervous system, right eye
Glands: Pineal
Emotional Component: Attachment
Purpose: Understanding
Basic Rights: The right to know and to learn

Brow Chakra – Ajna
Intuition, Mysticism and Understanding


Sound: Notes “A” & “Bb”
Color: Indigo
Meridian: Triple Warmer
Location: Forehead
Physical Component: Face, ears, eyes, nose, sinuses,
nervous system
Glands: Pituitary
Emotional Component: Illusion
Basic Rights: The right to see

Throat Chakra – Vishuddha
Knowledge, Health and Communication


Sound: Notes “G” & “G#”
Color: Blue
Meridian: Lung
Location: Throat
Physical Component: Jaw, neck, throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, nape of neck, arms
Glands: Thyroid
Emotional Component: Lies
Purpose: Communication and creativity
Basic Rights: To speak and hear the truth

Heart Chakra – Anahata
Balance, Love and Self Control


Sound: Notes “F” & “F#”
Color: Green / pink
Meridian: Heart
Location: Chest
Physical Component: Heart, blood circulation, lower lungs, ribcage, skin, upper back
Glands: Thymus
Emotional Component: Grief
Purpose: Love and balance
Basic Rights: To love and to be loved

Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura/Nabhi
Wisdom, Clarity and Self Esteem


Sound: Notes “E” & “Eb”
Color: Yellow
Meridian: Stomach, Spleen, Small Intestine, Gall Bladder, Liver
Location: Solar plexus
Physical Component: Liver, digestive system, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system, muscles and lower back
Glands: Pancreas and adrenals
Emotional Component: Shame
Purpose: Transformation
Basic Rights: To act and to be an individual

Sacral Chakra – Swadhisthana
Happiness, Confidence and Resourcefulness


Sound: Notes “D” & “C#”
Color: Orange
Meridian: Bladder, Kidney and Large Intestine
Location: Lower abdomen
Physical Component: Pelvic area, sex organs, fluid functions, kidney and bladder
Glands: Testicles and ovaries
Emotional Component: Guilt
Purpose: Movement and connection
Basic Rights: To fear and to have pleasure

Root Chakra – Muladhara
Vitality, Courage and Self Confidence


Sound: note “C”
Color: Red
Meridian: Circulation / Sex and Large Intestine
Location: Base of spine
Physical Body Component: Spinal column, legs, feet, bones, teeth, large intestine
Glands: Adrenals
Emotional Component: Fear
Purpose: Foundation
Basic Rights: To be here and have

As an intuitive healer, I noticed how the latest RUSH album (Clockwork Angels) made me feel. There are songs on it that I like better than others, but I wanted to glean information about how the songs made me FEEL inside. I knew my own energy centers were getting clogged up; I could actually feel it. I had way too much going on in my hectic life, and it was beginning to take it’s toll on my own health. Worry was fast becoming my biggest enemy and it had to be squashed like a tick. In short, the songs filled me with hope. Still, I was left with the daunting task of explaining what I wanted to do and how and why it works. He’s one of those kinds of people who’s gotta know the hows and whys…and while I can certainly appreciate that, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to answer his questions and had to have my sister (who’s basically an academic) assist. She does a great job with that. She understands both where I am coming from and where he’s coming from and can put it all together for the both of us.

A month ago on my last day off before my medical leave was to begin, I sat my husband down in front of his computer and had him listen to the first track, Caravan (I’m sure that it helped that my Hubby is a long-time RUSH-geek and that he actually enjoys their music to the Nth degree). The particular notes and time signatures used in creating this piece, are conducive to breaking up and opening the chakras centers of the body…his were completely closed down and, blocked. In order for*my* particular brand of therapy to even get a foothold, much less even WORK, they had to be open…WIDE open. I would at a later time, focus attention to balancing those energy centers and getting the energies flowing evenly. But at that moment in time, those puppies had to be busted open, much like breaking down walls…and in fact, that’s exactly what it was like. He sat straight up his his chair, still as a statue and closed his eyes. I didn’t want him to get too comfortable though; much to his chagrin, I had him place his bare feet on the floor before the sub-woofer and his hands on his thighs. I played the song form him and afterward, I ran a diagnostic test on him with my pendulum and saw that his chakras were opening!Still his root chakra was being stubborn and remained closed. I opened up the equalizer and upped the bass and mid-range frequencies  and upped the volume a bit (it sounded like crap, but that wasn’t the point). We listened to it once more. I ran another test and concluded that every one of his energy centers had been busted wide open! I was ecstatic! It had actually worked for him (I knew it would)…but he had to LET it work for him. That’s paramount. Like I mentioned in my first post, “Hello and Well Met,” he and I are two sides of the same coin. I’m the one with all the faith in, well, FAITH. His faith lies in SCIENCE…not that there is anything wrong with that…it just is what it is.

Even if you’re not at all musically-inclined, you’ll soon recognize that certain notes will make you feel a certain way…this is why we have soundtracks in films and TV shows…they serve to create and illicit specific emotion at any given moment in time. I was confident that this was going to work if he let it…it worked for us and it’ll work for you too. Find a song that resonates and creates within you a particular emotion. So, be like the Goddess Nike and DO IT! 😉

Like the Partridge Family sang, way back in the day, “come on, get happy!”


Chakra Association info above can be found here: Sound Essence – Chakras

5 Things to do Now, Before Your Dog Becomes Lost

My husband is a professional dog trainer (I think I mentioned that before, and I’m sure I’ll mention it again) Nicole is a very good friend of his and is an expert in her field of study. Keeping our doggies safe is a primary concern for all “Keepers of the Pooch”! She’s posted some excellent ideas for getting your dog back to you, if they pull a Houdini!

Wilde About Dogs

ID dog for HPNo owner wants to think about their dog going missing. But during the course of your dog’s life, even with the best management and vigilance, it could happen: dogs become spooked during fireworks and bolt; they run off when fences are downed in natural disasters; and, sometimes they simply run through a gate that’s been left open.

In the spirit of hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, here are five things to do now, just in case:

1. Make sure your dog’s microchip and tags are up to date. Many people change their address or phone number without thinking twice about updating their dog’s chip; the microchip company should be informed. (If your dog isn’t microchipped, get it done right away; almost every veterinarian and shelter now has a scanner capable of reading them.) Speaking of identification, even if your dog’s ID tag info is up to…

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Oliver's Baby Picture

Gonna tell ya a little story about a little Tom Cat by the name of Oliver.

Oliver was born in late March of 2013, probably in our basement where it is still somewhat warm down there from the furnace running, to my favorite barn cat-Queen, Lil Gurl.  The first time I saw him, he was so itty-bitty…eyes closed, ears folded down, and he was quiet, unnaturally so…Like he instinctively knew: “the dogs will get me”. It would be a few weeks before I’d see him again. His mother had placed him beneath the stairs, behind some boxes. The dogs continually sniffed the area one evening, I finally figured out why. I watched Lil Gurl, hiss, spit and swat at the dogs when they got too close. Filled with adrenalin, I actually grabbed one the of the dogs by the scruff and literally carried him to the yard. I knew then, that I had to relocate Lil Gurl and her baby to keep them both safe.

I started moving boxes and finally uncovered her nest, where she kept the baby cat. Lil Gurl watched trustingly. I reached in and gently picked up the tiny thing. His eyes were open and he only stared at me; he didn’t hiss, or spit. Most of her kittens are like that…they inherit her demeanor, fortunately. I placed him on top of the chest freezer, across from the stairs, her eyes watching me the entire time. She jumped up on the upright freezer and looked down at him and meowed at me. And then she chirped. It was then that Oliver (who was just “Baby Cat” then) started screaming his little head off, so yes…he had a voice and knew how to use it!  She tiptoed the four and a half-foot tall wall that stands between the freezers and the oil tank, and jumped up on the duct work and chirped again and then, meowed to me: she wanted me to hand him up to her. The duct work is over six-feet up in the air–no way for me to safely reach. So I ran upstairs and retrieved my little step stool and then climbed up on it. I couldn’t see her, but I knew she was up there. Grabbing Oliver, I reached up and placed him on the cold duct work…he didn’t like it. She grabbed his scruff and pulled him toward an inset-cubby hole in the wall where they would be safe. But there is an eight inch gap between the duct work and the wall. She struggled with his weight  and he fell through the air. I tried to catch him, but he slipped through my fingers like he was water. It felt like playing “hot potato” when I was a kid, I just couldn’t hang on, and I prayed that I could at least break up the impact of the fall. I was horrified when he hit the cement floor. He was a little over two feet away from where I was standing and I reached down and picked him up and held him close to me, hoping he survived.  I pulled him away from my chest and looked hard at him…He looked at me and blinked his eyes; he was definitely alive and quite shaken from the experience.  I kept him held snug against me as I searched the basement for something higher to stand on and when I found a heavy tote, I dusted him off, gave him a kiss and I reunited him with his mother. She grabbed his scruff again and carried him to the very far corner of the cubby.

After that, I checked on them daily. Sometimes Lil Gurl would be there, sometimes not. When he was alone, he was always awake and he’d look up and silently meow, but he wouldn’t move from his spot.

Then one day in late April, they weren’t there. And I didn’t see them for days. Finally, she brought him out to meet the rest of the colony…he’d gotten so big!  He played with the other kittens and played hide and seek with me, pretending to be fearless and fearsome. I desperately need money to get him neutered. There are programs in the area where they’ll neuter a male, but they’ll dock an ear. I don’t want his ear docked; I don’t care what they say, it’s been my experience that the docked ear is slow to heal and yes, it bothers them…He’s still at that age where he does stupid things, like sitting too close to the fence tauntingly, when a certain dog is in the yard….and running fearlessly up to a client with a reactive dog to say HI! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dive bombed a cat to keep it away from a canine who’d love nothing more than to pay with a live-squeaky toy….Fortunately, he’s actually too big to eat now. And he stays mostly alone, especially when he sleeps. I guess he likes it that way…He’s turning out to be just like our former Head-Boy Barn cat, Tigger who lived to be well over 10–a very long life for a barn cat. Tigger made it inside to pass away…he trusted and loved us that much. I prayed long and hard for another cat like Tigger…and now, we may have another Head-Boy Barn Cat in Oliver.

Oliver, September 2013

Oliver, September 2013

You’re probably wondering why I don’t TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release)? It’s because the barn cats we care for actually WORK here. They keep the rodent population down. Mice are the biggest carriers of the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. My husband is still fighting his second bout of it…the first time, it almost killed him. So yeah, I’m a little fanatical about keeping my barn cats in tact…but this one, he’s special. And while he does some stupid things now, I’ve watched him hunt…his mother taught him well and he’s begun schooling the other younger kittens. If he can make through the winter, he’s a keeper…and to do that and keep him from roaming, he’ll need to be snipped.


Hello and Wel Met

I had set this here thingy up about a week ago and I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell to write about. There are things I am passionate about, such as the fact that my husband is dealing with a debilitating case of lyme disease for the second time in a decade.  Or my animals. Or my sister. Or the “family” business. Or my business. And then, there is my “job”. Such an icky word, “job”. J.O.B. Meh. Helps to keep the lights on as well as the heat to warm my toes…plus there’s the health insurance, which unfortunately, is necessary at this point in time. That’s about all I care about anymore. Shame of it too. I used to love the job. Now I’m burned out. I am currently in the last week of FMLA leave from the job. Hasn’t been fun and games. Nor has it been restful (for me anyway); It’s been work…24/7×4. And worry. And stress. But it’s a different kind of work, worry, and stress. It’s been because I wanted to be here. I needed to be here. I’m a woman of small stature and while my husband is wiry (always was), it’s not easy to pick him up when he falls. But I’m fast and I’m strong and somehow, I managed (most of the time). I cannot even begin to imagine what his life would have been life had I *not* been here to care for him…I shudder to think.

We asked his doctor for heavy-duty medications to kill this parasite that continues to thrive in his body. And with my husband’s permission, I resolved to pull out all the stops and reach into my little cauldron and actually do the “witchy thing” for him…plus anything else I could think of: I called on the Angels, the Ancestors, I asked friends and family to pray and send reiki. We utilized various vibrational therapies like sound (he had to sit and listen to RUSH at a better than “decent” volume, poor baby), color and chakra therapies and I even got to use my “pretty rocks”…that’s what my husband calls them. Plus lots of Unconditional love. And coffee. And cookies…LOTS of cookies…

And the sacrifice has paid off, I’m happy to say. Four weeks ago, my husband was in a wheel chair, barely able to sit up on his own for a few minutes at a time. Today, he’s not only upright on his own, but he’s getting out of bed on his own, descending the stairs on his own and hell, he’s even getting his own coffee. A far cry from, “Hon, can you get…(insert object here) for me please?” And he’s a LOT happier. Which makes ME a LOT happier. But I couldn’t have been able to get through this without help. My Sister…His Mother…Our friends and families…thank you, thank you, a thousand times, THANK YOU.

Lyme disease is very real. Just ask anyone who’s suffered from it. Ask a family member of someone who has it. If you’ll pardon the pun, like the tic that carries it, it sucks. And not in a good way. It sucks EVERYTHING: Your money, Your time. Your strength. Your will. But we’re a stubborn pair, my husband and I; two sides of the same coin…A Twin Flame, if you will; neither of us is any good without the other. And dammit, we’ve refused to let a tiny little blood-sucker ruin our lives.

And yes, I *am* sleeping a little better now…would be better if my shoulder would heal quicker though. I have things to do…

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